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A novel, neurologically based behavioural treatment to manage symptoms of ADHD

The Problem


  • ADHD brings with it a host of behaviours which seem paradoxical, confusing (to the people with ADHD, as well as to those around them)
  • People with ADHD engage in a variety of behaviours (such as procrastination, novelty seeking, and anxiety) that are "effective" in the short term, but which can have devastating long-term impacts on self-confidence, relationships, career and academic success, and physical and mental health
  • Treatment with medications helps many people with ADHD, but many people cannot take medications because of side effects or health concerns

  • Even with medication, most adults with ADHD continue to struggle with their symptoms
  • Currently, most of the recommended psycho-social treatments are some form of cognitive-behavioural treatment, which may be only minimally effective for some people
  • Many therapists approach ADHD symptoms from a random, behavioural, coaching perspective without having the knowledge of underlying dynamics needed for a longer term and more effective approach


The Solution

What if ...

… there is another way to conceptualize ADHD behaviours?


... you had a better understanding of that different conceptualization?


 you had a structured approach to addressing your symptoms?


... you understood how anxiety can be an "adaptive symptom" of ADHD or a separate disorder?


... you could understand the addictive nature of your ADHD behaviours, so you could find better ways to cope?

I can help you with that!

Let me Introduce Myself


My name is Linda Tilley. I am:


  • Registered Psychologist in Alberta, Canada
  • Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist
  • Three decades of counseling experience


  • I have almost 2 decades of experience talking to hundreds of people with ADHD, working with them to understand what was happening and help them to find better strategies


That’s how I developed the A-A-A program

(Okay, I know it sounds like a cheap advertising gimmick, but it isn't - REALLY!)

Introducing the

Adrenaline Addiction in ADHD (A-A-A)


The A-A-A program is an online educational program offered via pre-recorded videos. In includes:
  • Approximately 6 1/2 hours of pre-recorded videos addressing the Adrenaline-Dopamine Cycle and the ADHD Wave
  • Specific focus on understanding how the addictive cycles can lead to negative behavioural and health outcomes
  • Understanding of how ADHD CAUSES low self-confidence and low self-esteem, and cognitive strategies to address them
  • and how you can address 7 specific lifestyle and cognitive areas, including sleep, anxiety, and nutrition, to help you achieve better emotional, energy, relationship, and physical stability

For more information about the program, click the button below to watch introductory video:

List of Videos in Full Package

Video 1: Introduction (51 minutes)

Video 2a: The Model in More Depth (44 Minutes)

Video 2b: Some Extra Concepts (26 Minutes)

Video 2c: About Dopamine (36 minutes)

Video 3: The ADHD Wave (15 Minutes)

Video 4a: Sleep Problems (24 Minutes) 

Video 4b: Sleep Procrastination (15 Minutes)

Video 4c: Sleep Solutions (32 Minutes)

Video 5a: Nutrition (32 Minutes)

Video 5b: Sugar / Carbohydrate Addiction (20 minutes)

Video 5c: Caffeine 15 minutes)

Video 6: Activity (14 Minutes)

Video 7: Play (16 Minutes)

Video 8: Self-Compassion (14 Minutes)

Video 9A: Self- Regulation (9 Minutes)

Video 9B: Learning to Self-Regulate (25 Minutes)

Video 10A: Riding the ADHD Wave (28 Minutes)

Video 10B: Riding the ADHD Wave for Allies (13 minutes)

Get All this for an Investment of Just




To Purchase the video series, click the Count Me In button!





  • How long do I have access to the videos? Once the video set is purchased, you will have lifetime access, including to any new videos that are produced as part of this program.

  • Can I share the video set once I have purchased it? You are welcome to view the video series as often as you wish with family members or close contacts, such as close friends. However, I ask that you respect that I have put a great deal of energy into creating this program and therefore not share your link with anybody who asks. I am asking what I consider to be a very reasonable cost, but if this is prohibitive for you, contact me and I will consider offering a discount for demonstrated need.

  • What is the Refund policy? Since you will have access to the full video series once you have paid, no refunds will be offered.

  • How Can I Pay? Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, or e-transfer. To pay with an e-transfer, you can contact me directly. Otherwise hit the "Add to Cart" button and get immediate access to the videos.

  • What if I want my therapist to work within this model? You can ask your therapist to contact me directly about the "Breaking the ADHD Code" therapist training.

  • I am a therapist - can I purchase this program? Absolutely. But you might want to check out the "Breaking the ADHD Code" therapist training.

  • What if I Have Other Questions? Hit the "Contact" button below and send me an email - I'll be happy to answer your questions



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